Ssssssssssnakes Alive!

When you’re having a hard day…when you are running late for everything…when you miss your friends…when you need a JOLT of energy…when you feel like you need a nap…??


The women, the collective energy, the mad beats, the hoots and hollers and the surprise guests will wipe it all away!  Promise!!  Last night was a perfect example of how an hour of dancing in this unique judgement-free, awesome lady-laden zone will transform your mind and body!

Den Mother Catherine – AKA DJ Ssssnake – took us on an incredible, life-rejeuvenating journey that none of us will ever forget!  I mean…if she calls herself a Ssssnake, I must overrule this and deem her the MOTHER OF ALL SNAKES….Our own DDPP Medusa!!  Am I right!?

The venom that infected all 10 of us made us wOIld, sweaty, yelping with glee and making funny faces.  If you need an expert opinion on what it may have been like ask the PRO – Steve Irwin (beloved and belated Aussie adventurer).  Only the first minute of this vid is necessary to get a GLIMPSE of the vibrancy and illumination we all received from DJ Ssssnake.  GOD I love the way he pronounces SNAYKE!

The cherry on top of our blessed evening was a surprise visit from one of our FOUNDING Den Mothers – Jennifer Brandel!  A little dose of home goes a long way.

8 thoughts on “Ssssssssssnakes Alive!

  1. This is amazeballs! LOVE it…especially all the different faces Snakedusa is making. So wonderful to see JB last night.

  2. Wowsers! So I think I need to find a cherry hat now – it really completes my look! Thanks for reminding me how frickin awesome DDPP is and will forever be! Twas a thrill to be back! And yep – I’m sore today. Hurts so damn good.

  3. Sorry I missed it! Playlist looks AMAZING! I was rockin’ out to Irish and Celtic punk rock at the Double Door!

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