Lady KStud = Too Funky

I know what you’re all thinking after reading that title- tell me something I don’t know, amirite? How about this nugget? DJ Lady KStud’s playlist made something happen to me that has never happened before. Her playlist drove me so close to the brink of dancing insanity that…I got sweat…IN MY EYES. It burned, I tell ya. It burned real bad. But not as hot as her playlist burned. Take a look for yourself:

Now, if anyone knows our own den mother KStud, they know that she is, in fact, too funky for words. So let me show you in pictures instead. Exhibit A:

You don’t think it could get any funkier, do you? How about a little peek at Exhibit B?

That’s right. It DID get funkier! And now you’re probably all “Yeah, but I bet she can’t dance.” But what about this?! 

Still don’t believe me? Feast your eyes on this video. (And let this dude’s frequent pelvis thrusts remind you why we keep our operation women-only.)

She’s a one-woman non-stop dance machine. I’m pretty sure that Bubba Sparxxx wrote “Ms. New Booty” about her. And there’s definitely no gettin’ over her OR her playlist from yesterday. Keep foggin’ up those studio mirrors, girl.

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