Dance Dance Pahty Pahty

Anyone who knows our illustrious den mama (and last week’s DJ!) Kelly, knows that she loves one thing more than pretty much anything else in the world. In case you’re struggling, I’ll give you a hint:

That’s right. She loves to pahty. And why not? The Urban Dictionary definition makes it sound like the best idea ever!

A perpetually positive state of mind. An emotion, a lifestyle, an exclamation.

Excited? Stuck in traffic? Tipsy? Baked? Sober? You’re pahtyin’! It is all a choice you make to have a good time whatever you are doing.

Party pronounced with a combined Boston and Australian accent.

Who’s ready to pahty?

I just tripped outside, and didn’t spill my Diet Dew. Pahty!

I hope you’re pahtyin’!

– “Are you going to happy hour later?”
– “Pahty!”

I saw a crazy guy on the train this morning talking jibberishHobo pahty!

We were out until 4:20 pahtyin’.

I clearly need to apply this to my life. I can add a new quote to the Urban Dictionary entry. “Students, don’t bother me. I’m pahtyin’!” Yes. Starting tomorrow, I will try to pahty as hard as DJ Cumberbun. Or, as the subject line of her playlist email said-


That, my friends, is a direct quote. And also the runner-up for the title to this blog entry.

Oh, you wanna see that playlist from the email? I BET YOU DO.

Ok. Fine. Here it is.

I mean, just look at that. Just look at it. It’s like 60 straight minutes of …you guessed it. Pahty. This playlist sent me to another world multiple times. Especially during “Freedom.” Duh. But you know what I really love most about this playlist? I love that it lead me to the discovery of this video:

I know. It’s nearly 11 minutes long. And you’re thinking to yourself that you don’t have that kind of time. MAKE IT. You owe it yourself to watch this entire video. I won’t even give away the superstar celebrity cameo. I will just say this: how did I ever forget that MC Hammer is such an amazing dancer? I mean, seriously. What happened to that guy? Everyone loved his pants! He made a unitard look manly! He truly was 2 legit 2 quit!

…Not as legit, though, as DJ Cumberbun and her playlist. THAT girl is a legit pahty expert. You might even say that when it comes to playlists, she’s got the Midas Touch. BAM!

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