Dj O’Hall Yeah ROCKED this town!!

I have to admit when this song came on through the speaker…I laughed & then starting doing the dance…it was like a flashback to highschool (you figure out my age).  That line in the title always jars me & the answer to the question is YES I AM TICKLISH!  Kind of like a furry creature we all love:

It was a night/day (it was 4pm–yo!) of dancetastic moves & sweet singing along.  We moved like we were 52 girls up in the studio…I don’t know if you can call it Planet Claire because it was definitely PLANET O’HALL YEAH!  These folks approve:

The town was rocked as we showed love on the dance floor…it was so hard to say Bye, Bye, Bye…thank you dj for being faithful & letting us ddpp chicas Shoop it out while Surfing the Bird.

Check out the playlist here:

And remember…live long & prosper on PLANET O’HALL YEAH

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