Now, I know that technically, rendezvous is French for “appointment” or “meeting.” But I also know that when something is in French, it sounds classier. You say we’ve got beef stew for dinner tonight? I can’t get the image of the Dinty Moore can out of my head.


But you say that Beef Bourguignon is on the menu and I’m pulling out the white tablecloth and candles and counting my lucky stars that we’re friends.

So if you had told me that I had an appointment last Wednesday night, it might have felt like a burden. But when I saw that our scheduled DJ was DJ Rendezvous, well, I knew what we had in store for ourselves: 60 minutes of bootyshaking hits that left us all feeling like we’d been smacked upside the head by our DJ’s particular blend of je ne sais quoi.

DJ, you got us falling in love with you from the get go; before long, we were ALL feeling like we were on holiday and showing off our best Mick Jagger moves. In case anyone has been living under a rock for the last 40 years and doesn’t know what those look like, or in case you just need inspiration for a future playlist, here’s a sample:


So thanks for keeping things classy, DJ Rendezvous, and we look forward to seeing you on the dance floor again soon. A bientôt!




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