Violet! And Purple!

I am here to tell you, DJ Mizfit Toyz knows how to put together a playlist.  She is a shaman of the iPod.  I felt like I was lifted out of myself not once, but twice during her last session.  Let me tell you about it.

So there I was at DDPP, rockin’ out to the hot mix.  I was Pushin’ It to a Good Beat and on my way to Funkytown!

Then I heard the first few notes of “Violet” by Hole.  Hole was led by Courtney Love.  She is an angry woman.  It is an angry song.  No, it’s an ANGRY song.  It tapped into something in me.  I was singing, I was wailing, I was howling at the ceiling.  I felt my anger, I felt like I felt every woman’s anger, come up in me.  It swept over me.  It felt kind of like this:

I utterly lost myself in it.  I thought I was going to have an out of body experience.  Then the song ended.

I’m not quite sure what happened next.  I remember being in the dark studio and hearing more music and being surrounded by dancing women.  I think I jumped up and down some, I’m not sure.

I started to come back to reality.  I was more aware of my surroundings.  Then the last fast song came on.  Here it is.

Yes, it was “Let’s Go Crazy” from Purple Rain.  Somehow I found myself at one end of the studio, I’m not sure how.  I was rockin’ out.  And the song hit that note, you know the one, that high note with the guitar solo at 3:44 in the video.  I froze.  I couldn’t move.  I had my eyes closed and my head back.  Those notes just went right through my head and my body.  I felt myself drifting away again.  When the song ended, I felt like this:

Aaaaaaahhhhh…..I was ready to floooooaaat away…….

Then the session ended.   Reality was coming back slowly.  I was talking to the DJ and she said something interesting:  “…Courtney Love made me realize that I was an angry young woman but it took me ten more years to figure out what I was angry about.”  Amen, I heard that!

I want to thank DJ Mizfit Toyz for altering my state of consciousness not once, but twice in one hour.  And here is the mix that caused it all.


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