A Peck of Picklebacks!

DDPP was a family affair on Sunday when DJ Pickleback showed up with her mom, her sister, and a whole mess of good jams! Oh, and did I mention they were wearing MATCHING T-SHIRTS! We have photographic evidence to prove it:

Aren’t they awesome? DDPP can always benefit from a good dose of puffy paint and these ladies brought the groove. Check out Mama Gherkin’s sassy point. It’s like she is actually telling us to Shake it, but don’t break it. And if you thought the front was impressive, just wait til they back it on up!

That’s right, personalized! Once again, Mama Gherkin, bringin’ the sass! She’s peacin’ the camera like a bigshot celebrity! 🙂

DJ Pickleback said that this playlist was inspired by her family and featured songs that reminded her of mom and sis with a dash of strong women anthems thrown in for good measure. All I know is that by the end every gal in the studio wished they were a part of the pickle bunch. And who can blame us, look at these tunes!


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