DJ Buddha Belly Spreads Fortune To All

Wednesday night we were all ROCKED by a 2 woman-strong cousin team!  The room full of sweaty women of all ages received more good fortune from jamming to their mix than we EVER could rubbing the belly of an actual Buddha!!  Introducing DJ BUDDHA BELLY!  I loved the familiar hits mixed with some of their family favorites!!  We had a couple of virgin DDPPers come in late only to fall right in the groove of  what was happening….sweaty, happy freedom!!

One of my favorite moments (as I sat on the floor in my post-marathon dance position) was when Den Mother Unity grabbed her Bible from her bag and played out the drama and intrigue depicted in Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach song.  Girl was tappin’ that book and giving us the hand every time we begged her to let us keep our baby.

If only you could see how good he’s been treating me….

I loved the Buddha Belly cousin duo!  I hope the rest of you ladies felt the amazing energy in the air!  Women young and old-ish dancing to some kick ass tunes!  Can’t beat it. And P.S. Lest you think we tried to END on “Africa” (because that would be madness, I tell you, MADNESS!), the cooldown song was Au Revoir Simone’s “We Are Here.” And we were!





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