Hands across DDPP

In case you’ve never Google image searched the word “Unity,” let me tell you what kind of stuff comes up: a disproportionate number of pictures of multi-colored stick figures holding hands. Like, for example, this:

Or, you know, this:

Although sometimes you do get gems like this:

What are those creepy dudes after, you wonder to yourself? Are they trying to energize themselves before they head out on the field to play some weird sport reserved for colorful plastic people without genitalia? Are they hatching a hair-brained scheme to steal medicine from a government lab that would give them facial features and the aforementioned, conspicuously absent genitalia?

I personally like to imagine that they’re on their way to try to sneak into DDPP to get in on some of DJ U.N.I.T.Y.’s soulful goodness. With a playlist that spanned the decades and musical styles, our den mama had a crowd of newbies and regulars living it up like nobody’s business. Behold, the playlist that every colorful group of bodies would have loved dancing to:

(Song 15 was Do It Like a Dude by Jessie J. Just. So’s. You. Know.)

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