The Poor Woman’s Photoshop.

I will be straight with you guys: sometimes it pains me that I don’t have Photoshop. Because there are a lot of photo collages I would have liked to make to recreate the magical evening we had with DJ AWOL last Wednesday night. Like, for instance, imagine you could see this beautiful face: Photoshopped on this guy’s body: Because not only did the music DJ AWOL chose for that evening make me feel charmed in the “warm and fuzzy, damn ain’t she swell!” sort of way, it also made me actually writhe around imitating a snake caught under the influence. So again, use your imagination and picture if you will THIS (hat tip: Kelly P):

on the body of, like, THIS guy:

If I could have levitated off that floor entirely, I’m pretty sure I would have during that Balkan Beat Box song!

Then, as if that weren’t enough, I would have wanted to be able to Photoshop Den Mother DJ U.N.I.T.Y. having a tender moment midway through “Hearts on Fire.” She was so overcome by how much everyone in the room was letting go and LOVING IT that, well, she almost got a little verklempt. So, like, this:


But finally, and thankfully, the last thing I would want to recreate I sort of can, with this old YouTube of a couple of silly teenagers dancing outside in the freezing cold. Because despite the fact it was 40 degrees out, our dance studio was so steamy inside that a couple of dancers had to head outside to dance for a little while just to cool off. It looked only vaguely like this.

So anyway, to do what was, let’s be clear, an absolutely *ace* playlist justice, I would’ve liked to show you all that with some fancy Photoshoppery. But instead we all had to rely on the power of our imaginations (and Google image search). I feel like Mr. Rogers would be proud!

2 thoughts on “The Poor Woman’s Photoshop.

  1. I want to fly the girls in that video straight from wherever they are to DDPP. Every Wednesday and Sunday until the end of time.

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