Misfits?!?! Nah…not the way we just rocked out!

Whenever I hear our dj’s name from last Sunday all I can think about it this:

AND trust me it is NOTHING like that when Dj Misfit Toyz drops one of her wicked playlists on us.  It is more like this:

Good sweaty times had by all (I need to learn those killer cat moves!)!

Ladies, something magical happens when we all gather to do some booty shaking.  It is something that stirs deep in our souls.  Something almost unexplainable…but nothing seems to provide more joy than your average work out/dance class.  Rumour has it Dj Misfit Toyz definitely brought us there.  Don’t believe me?!?!  Check the playlist & decide for yourself:


One thought on “Misfits?!?! Nah…not the way we just rocked out!

  1. I am shaking my fists at the powers of the universe that scheduled this session as the same night as Adrian Belew’s lecture on the electric guitar!!! Prodigy AND Metallica in the same setlist? Unreal!

    DJ Haus O’Whax

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