Variety = Spice Of Life

At one point or another, we’ve all fallen into a rut. And sometimes, we just don’t know how to get out. Well, ladies, next time you find yourself in a rut, listen to one of DJ Nevahland’s playlists! She kept us guessing and (literally sometimes) on our toes from one song to the next, and it was invigorating! Exactly what I needed to spice up my week. Case in point:

1. Corazon Espinado / Santana + Maná / 4:36
2. Changes / Tupac / 4:29
3. Ride on Time / Black Box / 4:36
4. Numb / The Edge, U2 / 4:24
5. Kiss With a Fist / Florence and the Machines / 2:06
6. Heads Will Roll / Yeah Yeah Yeahs / 3:42
7. Horse Pills / The Dandy Warhols / 3:25
8. Coulibaly / Amadou + Mariam / 3:18
9. 100% Pure Love / Crystal Waters / 3:01
10. How Do You Want It? / Tupac / 4:49
11. Everyday itʼs 1989 / Moby / 3:41
12. Back Up Plan / Big Boi / 3:43
13. Miami Mix / Miami Sound Machine + Will Smith / 4:41
14. Ciega Sordomuda / Shakira / 4:37
15. For the Love of You / The Isley Brothers / 5:38

Aaaaand I rest my case. Some international flavor, classic Crystal Waters, old school Tupac straight into Moby, back to back to back (up plan)? Yes, please. I will allow my mind to be blown by that Miami Sound Machine/Will Smith collabo.

DJ Nevahland showed us that  sometimes you just need to be reminded that Skat Kat was right: opposites really do attract.

And FURTHERMORE! If anyone can show me an instance of Skat Kat being wrong, I’d love to see it. Because I don’t believe it’s possible.

When it comes down to it, DJ Nevahland heated that  chilly (and chock full!) room up with her eclectic playlist like it was N…B…D. It reminded me of someone I know.

Just sayin’.

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