Saying (Amazing) Grace and Giving Thanks!

It’s that time of year again.  You know, near the end of November, where we eat too much of this:

Maybe we watch something like this:

For some folks, this is the true meaning of this time of year:

Yes, that’s right, it’s Thanksgiving.  Well, here at DDPP, what we give thanks for is more like this:

Last Sunday we were treated to the pulse pounding grooves of DJ Amazing Grace!  And her daughter helped with the playlist, making it a multigenerational family affair!  We were all shakin’ a tail feather!

Speaking for myself (and I am sure others), I am thankful to have a place like DDPP where I can let loose and dance it out!  I am also thankful for DJ Amazing Grace and her slick PROFESSIONAL sounding mix with smooth transitions and funky beats!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

1. Running up that hill                   Kate Bush

2. In the end                                     Linkin Park

3. Ride to California                       Paper Tongues

4. Toms Diner                                 Dirty Impact vs Royal XTC

5. Sexy and I know it (La Riot Mix)  LMFAO

6. Love you like a love song         Selena Gomez and the Scene

7. Moves like Jagger                      Maroon Five/Christina Aguilera

8. Mr. Saxo Beat                             Alexandra

9. We speak no Americano          Yolanda B Cool + D Cup

10. Not myself tonite                     Christina Aguilera

11.Shake it                                        Metro Station

12.You make me feel                     Cobra Starship

13.Gringa Quiera Bailar                 Rod Carillo Pres. Bodega Charlie

14. Braseleiro Nights (remix)       Shamen’s Dream

15. In the dark                                  Dev

16. Gettin over you                         David Guetta + Chris Willis Fergie

17. The time (dirty bit)                   Black eyed peas

18. Monster (unleash the beast)   Skillet


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