Watch Yo’self!

Be careful what you wish for, Mystikal. If you ask the ladies of DDPP to show you what we’re workin’ with, you better believe we’ll follow through! With sass and style, obvs. DJ 3rd Rail had us shakin’ it till we almost broke it with her relentless playlist! And that Mystikal song? It was the BONUS last fast song!  I know I for one had to dig preeeeety deep to keep it moving  for that one-  it was exactly what I needed after a lazy Thanksgiving weekend  of sleeping and eating!

When DJ 3rd Rail gave us her DJ name, she explained that it was “because I’m going to energize that place with 600 volts of energy and 4000 amps of fun.” And she didn’t disappoint! Check it:

All those hardcore booty shaking tunes with the mellow symphonic bookends of the warm up and cool down songs made me feel like I was part of  a…

And I loved every minute of it! If  you happened to miss all the excitement of DJ 3rd Rail’s first playlist (Ever! I know!), imagine about 20 ladies doing things like this- sans treadmill of course, that would just get too dangerous!:

(Thanks go out to den mother emeritus Jenn B, for STILL providing us with amazing gems like this, even in retirement!)

And don’t forget! This coming Sunday, December 4th, is not your regular scheduled DDPP! Bring your favorite men and a $15 donation OR an unwrapped toy to the gym at The Church In West Ridge at 6015 N.  Francisco Ave. from 5-6:30 pm for Dance The Halls With Jingle Balls. It’ll be 90 co-ed minutes of the most FUNdraising you’ve ever done for Angel  Tree, which provides less fortunate children with Christmas gifts!


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