Double M for Majorly Magical!

There have been some famous mother-daughter pairs in history–some famously successful:

some famously awful:

and some famously…well, famously famous:

But I dare say few mother daughter duos could have pulled off the feat we witnessed last Wednesday night, when DJs Double M (that stands for Monica and Miranda, dontchaknow) dropped their mother-daughter mix on a studio of more than a dozen verrrrry happy attendees. Among other sights, our dancers were treated to light saber fights a la Luke Skywalker, a multi-den mother Hammer Time dance (hooboy were our legs sore the next day!) and a church revival-like sing-along to Like a Prayer. But it wasn’t all dancin’ to the oldies–no, we were also treated to recent hits and feelin’ fly like a G6. It seemed particularly easy that night to let go of all of our worries and dance like we were eight years old again…maybe because one of our DJs IS EIGHT YEARS OLD?!? Yeah, it’s hard to put into words how fun it was to see not one, not two, but THREE generations of that family shakin’ it with their glowstick necklaces on. And I would never have thought to rock out to “Portions of Foxes” as a last fast song but, looking at DJ Little M (I just named her that, just now!) belting out Jenny Lewis’s lyrics and then spying half a dozen other women around the room doing the same, I was proven dead wrong. From the mouths of babes, you guys, springs complete awesomeness. Then, proving she had yet one more trick up her sleeve, DJ Mama M had us all giggling like, well, schoolgirls with her  cooldown choice. We can’t wait until you introduce Little M to that movie!

Behold, your DJs and the setlist that set my heart alive with joy:

Killing Me Softly with His Song–Fugees
Don’t Go–Yaz
It’s the Time to Disco–Kk, Shaan & Vasundhara Das
I Gotta Feeling–Black Eyed Peas
Come On Get Happy– The Partridge Family
Jesus Dropped the Charges–The O’Neal Twins
Ice Ice Baby–Vanilla Ice
Jump in the Line–Harry Belafonte
U Can’t Touch This –MC Hammer
Like A G6–Far Easte Movement
Like A Prayer–Madonna
Star Wars Theme (Disco Medley)–The Hollywood Symphony Orchestra
Crazy–Gnarls Barkley
Dancing with Joey Ramone–Amy Rigby
Portions for Foxes–Rilo Kiley
I’m Going Home–Tim Curry



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