Dance your jingle balls off!

We all know the 3 tenets of DDPP: No booze. No boys. No judgement. But wasn’t it the patron saint of dance, DJ U.N.I.T.Y., who once said “some rules are made to be broken”? (Especially if you’re breaking the rules for charity)

Some rules were made to be broken! (snaps in the air)

There was still no booze or judgement present at our co-ed charity  event, Dance The Halls With Jingle Balls, but there were BOYS! Oh, and our favorite rhyming word for boys…TOYS!

Dance machines of both genders brought toys and money in support of Angel Tree, an organization dedicated to providing Christmas presents for the children of prisoners. Overall, we raised $350 AND a whole slew of kid-friendly presents!

All the good feelings we got from helping others were topped only by the good feelings we got from helping ourselves to 90 minutes of all-out dance madness!

Even though we were in a gym, this was no junior high dance, with boys on one side and girls on the other swaying awkwardly. The nearly 40 dancers used the WHOLE space!

What could cause such a full-floor ruckus? See for yourself:

Thanks to everyone who came out and jingled for a cause!


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