1986. A Signature Year.

What’s so great about the year 1986 you ask?!

The Mac+ came out in Latin America...

Mark Harmon is People's Sexiest Man Alive. WHO DAT?!?

THIS Chevy Camaro was cruisin' for chicks....

The Space Shuttle Challenger and its astronauts exploded before our eyes...(too soon?)

Evander Holyfield still had two functional ears...

Howard the Duck came out! Ha!

More important than all of those things is that DJ Flaming Cheese moved to CHICAGO and began her journey that would eventually lead her to create a super awesome playlist causing 16 women to sweat through their yoga pants 25 years later!!!  This Wednesday was a tribute to 1986 and we all took a trip back in time to enjoy SO MANY hits!!  Thank you DJ and thank you to the women who came out to share the revelry of the year 1986.  What a feeling!


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