9 NEW ladies dancing=24 ladies rocking out!

WHOA, what just happened?!?!  Why was my heart racing & my pulse going crazy?!?!  Wait, why is EVERYONE singing “I will Survive“, am I dreaming?!?!?  It was a Sunday like no other, one so close to the holiday season that for sure the number of booty shakers would be low…kind of like this:

Truth be told it was more like this:

Just imagine more ladies and (NO BOYS) getting their groove on.  And to quote one of our regular attenders (Sabrina C) “TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I love how the green shirt boy in the back is doing the LMFAO Party Rock shuffle. And the boy in front is doing Thriller. And the girly in the pink dress definitely looks like she should be at DDPP with us every week“.

Dj Special K really brought the house down (honestly I thought she was trying to kill us with her off the hook playlist)…it was one base thumping song after another.   Not only did we have 9 new ladies show up, we had our regulars in tow as well…making the #24.  24 fun-loving, booty shaking, sing out loud divas, rocking their Sunday Funday out.  Special K was just the dj to get us grooving…she had us “Right Thurr” with her tunes.  Come on, you KNOW it is going to be awesome when the 1st fast song is “Bootylicious“.  Special K also allowed those of us who like to you know..sing our lungs out..belt out the tunes.  As matter of fact, I believe that this was the 1st time in Chicago DDPP history that every woman in attendance sang the cool down song.  How could you not…uh , hello it was “My Heart Will Go On” (come on, you know we all have a little Celine in us).  Trust me it was AMAZING!

Check the playlist here:


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