Undercover DJ

DJ Michelle Leslie Brown may very well hold the record for most times DJ-ed EVER at any DDPP around the world, and last night she gave a master class in how it’s done…you might even say she’s a Pro*Whoa! (How is there a Nikka Costa song I  haven’t heard yet? Leave it MLB…)

When I (breathlessly) asked after the playlist had rocked us, DJ MLB denied any theme of covers, remixes, and  mash-ups, but I don’t care what she says…her tunes put those damn Glee kids to shame!  I was wowed by all the super cool takes new takes she unearthed on some old (and new) favorite songs. And I can’t recall this ever happening before, but during D.I.S.C.O, a vision came to me…a clear vision of a disco rave. Glowsticks and all,  despite having never been to an official disco OR rave. The picture in my head looked something like this:

And after disco raving it up for an hour, I had to call in the Hardy Boys to solve this not-so-secret mystery:

Even more of a mystery, though, is how exactly to do the 45. Why must  you be so coy, Ryan Shaw?

As far as I can tell, doing the 45 involves hula hoops and break dancing.  And until the Hardy Boys can solve my mystery, I’ll have to enjoy memories of DJ Michelle Leslie Brown’s leg-debilitating mix from this here computer chair…


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