Like Jessie Spano On Caffeine Pills…

I’m so excited!  And I just can’t hide it!  DJ Q-Boogie in the house!

Our last DDPP of 2011 was one for the books!  We had enough space to flail about and DJ Q-Boogie gave us a mix to get all of the old year kinks out!  We  jammed out, clapped our hands, moved about the room like the free-spirited rug cutters that we are!

Some new tunes as well as some awesome beat boomin’ hits that have kept us going from 2011 and beyond!  I was Crazy In Love for that booty shakin’ Beyonce number but these Korean soap stars were able to illustrate the euphoric feeling in the air that night!  Content, dreamy, ready for new things in the New Year!  KIMCHI!

A few of us got all nostalgic when Tony Toni Tone came on!  A great jam by three guys with the same name all spelled differently!  What a coincidental miracle!  Conan O’Brien recently did a hilarious feature called TONYS ON PONIES where he Photoshop plopped different celebrities named Tony on unsuspecting ponies just for funzies.  My favorite of the three was TONY TONI TONE, of course!  You can’t go wrong with Tony Toni Tone on a PONY!  Am I right?!

All in all it was a great hour of sweating and dancing and kickin’ the old year out the door!  Here’s to a wonderful 2012 to all past, present and future Dance Dance Party Partiers!  We couldn’t do it without your love and enthusiasm!


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