An afternoon of firsts on the last Sunday of 2011

This blog entry may be late, but not forgotten! It would be impossible to EVER forget a DJ Lady KStud playlist! She made us come running as fast as we could to the last Sunday DDPP of 2011, where each and every den mother was in attendance! That was an amazing first to wrap up the end of the year! And as a belated Christmas present to all of you, I will now reveal what we all secretly do together on our lunch breaks:

It’s our own den mother version of team building. My mask is a cat. Don’t tell.

But I digress…let’s check out this beast of a playlist, shall we?

Now it’s nothing new to any of us that Lady KStud is an innovator, but she just never stops surprising us, even with her playlist count reaching into the double digits! Fiona Apple? Yes. You read that right. And I’m pretty sure that was yet another fantastic first at DDPP. Oh, you know what else is fantastic? The fact that this picture is what popped up when I Googled “Fiona Apple Dancing”:

…it actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Lady KStud, you’re an original. Even those creepy dolls agree.


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