Guilty pleasures.

Guilty pleasures: we’ve all got ’em.  Mine, for example, include reduced fat Wheat Thins, somewhat matronly polar fleece sweatshirts and CBS procedural dramas. (In fact, add those together and you’ve pretty much got my perfect Sunday evening!) But I toe a pretty hard line that I don’t have many guilty pleasures when it comes to music–I just love what I love and can usually craft an argument about the value of a proper pop song that will make even the most self-righteous hipster withdraw in retreat.

That, I would argue, is a lot of what DJ Badonk-a-Donk did for us last Wednesday night with her Guilty Pleasures-themed mix. She pretty much beat down the self-righteous hipster in all of us, bending us to her will: the will of almighty pop music. Sure, her playlist crossed genres and decades, but running throughout the 60 minutes was the vibe that it’s OKAY to like music that is silly, or even just nostalgic. We learned a lot from our DJ that night. The newbies learned that DDPP is TRULY a judgment-free zone, whereas the regulars learned, inter alia, that Mmm Bop! contains a STAGGERING amount of scratching in it. Please skip to 0:59, 1:45, 2:20, or like 3:08 ON if you don’t believe me:

So thanks, Badonk-a-Donk, for getting us out on the dance floor to appreciate some guilty pleasures 100% guilt-free!


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