Growing up with FunkyButt

When asked if there was anything we should know about her very first playlist DJ FunkyButt said, “It’s starts off pretty innocently, but by the end it gets pretty dirty. I hope no one is offended.”

And it certainly did start out innocently enough. Some fun disco and the most innocent songster of them all, Justin Beiber. We were like 80’s Punky Brewster, happy and ready to have a good time.

“Who has two thumbs and likes Justin Beiber?”

Then things started to heat up a bit in a nostalgic way as we lived La Vida Loca with Ricky Martin (though he does get candle wax dripped on him in the video, remember? Shocking for the 90’s!) and shook it to some Britney.

“I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.”

But then, holy wow, did we grow right up with Lil’ Kim. Thankfully our faces were already pretty red from dancing so hard, cause those lyrics could make a grown woman blush and the beats can make a roomful of grown women get on down! By the time Enrique told us in no uncertain terms what he was gonna do to us that night, we could handle it cause we are grown ass women.

“Punky who?”

Thanks for taking us on such a journey, FunkyButt! No offense taken, none at all.


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