Shut The F*** Up And Dance!!!

How, HOW can I put into words what happened on Wednesday night? It’s just too hard. Maybe a picture will help…they’re worth a thousand words…nope. Still not good enough. A video. Yes. That will begin to approximate the situation.

That’s it. That kitten is MC Escher, me, all of us that were crammed into the studio that night. We were all just a mass of gangsta kittens gettin’ our swaggas back with the help of a remix and a DJ Hero turntable.

Now, I like to think of myself of as something of a DDPP aficionado. I mean, I’m a den mother, I’ve been getting down regularly for years now, and my playlist count is into the double digits. But MC Escher. She’s an OG. Present at the very first Chicago session almost 5 years ago, mother of the lava projector (RIP as of a couple weeks ago…), oh, and did I mention she made one long mp3 mashup of an eargasm for all of us to download??!! See why there are no words? Read the track list here:

And then download it (and listen to it until you smile so much that your face gets stuck that way) here. My lack of technological skill is in awe.

With this mix, MC Escher took us to places that I didn’t previously know existed. The 30 plus (!) ladies in the room all hopped on the last train to awesometown, shut the f*** up, and danced our way to a girls-only combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell with Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking. What can I say? Later is now, people.

But I can’t give all the credit for our wild ride to MC Escher. I need to recognize the UNBELIEVABLE GOOD VIBES that were going on that night, and I have every single dancer there, newbies and veterans, to thank for making us den mothers scream with joy (as we are often guilty of) until we almost lost our voices. Oh, and for possibly setting the world record for most women doing the robot at once. Maybe all 30 of us will never have a group date together again, but I can tell you for certain that we had some serious chemistry.

And in the words of the immortal Weird Al Yankovic: “MC Escher, that’s my favorite MC.”  (Don’t get jealous, the rest of us go by DJ!)


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