Honey Badger in Spaaaaace!

When DJ Honey Badger said her playlist had a future robot outerspace nerd theme, I got excited.  A honeybadger in space!  What would that look like?  Maybe a little like this?

That looks a little like a honey badger in space, doesn’t it?  Work with me here, I tried.

Then I got REALLY excited when I heard this song:

I shouted out:  PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED!!! with a fist pump.  This is the first appearance of Public Image Limited at DDPP Chicago!  The singer is John Lydon; you may know him as Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols.  I know the Sex Pistols have been heard at DDPP, cuz I played them!  Anyway I was thrilled to hear this song!  And John Lydon sometimes does behave like he’s from another planet.

 And it just kept going!  It was like we were shot into space, a million miles away!

We all felt like we were on another planet dancing with Godzilla!

Thank you, DJ Honey Badger, for the Intergalactic Space Travel playlist!


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