Dj Arsen said KNOCK YOU OUT!

Ever want to know what DDPP feels like?  Just take a gander at this Kristen Bell sloth video & her reaction kind of explains it all:

Every time at DDPP, it brings me to  near break downs of excitement & tears of JOY!  We can all relate to Miss Bell on this & we love DDPP all the more for it.  Dj Arsen was no exception to bringing the crowd to panic attack levels…she SLAYED us with her KILLA mix….serious FIRE BURNING on the DANCE Floor went down.


Want to talk about getting T.K.O.ed on the dance floor.  It was a feeling of complete & utter sweaty defeat as dj Arsen lit up the dance floor with a mix that would not quit.  She said it was a mix of her growing up music & man did it ever bring back a flood of memories.  She definitely had the RIGHT STUFF (check out the sweet moves below):

If you missed it, check the playlist here:

2 thoughts on “Dj Arsen said KNOCK YOU OUT!

  1. She did NOT just play Tom’s Diner. That song would have been stuck in my head the entire hour. Oh no, I can feel it starting already…

    Seriously, though, looks like a great mix–dare I say “super”?

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