Love Rollercoaster

Sometimes, a DDPP playlist is just a bunch of really cool dance music put together. And other times, like on Wednesday night, it takes you on a journey. DJ Chelles Belles served up an aural movie of epic love-story proportions. As she explained it before the dancing, it was a classic story of a breakup, the aftermath, the getting back of grooves…and then everything that happens after that groove comes back. And I do mean EVERYTHING. Chelles Belles had us chuckling up a storm with the curve balls she threw into her classic love story. Since there were clearly no visuals on Wednesday night, I’d like to offer up a little pictorial companion to the story; think of these as the bonus features.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. I can only imagine that DJ Chelles Belles had that wedding video in mind when she added that song to her playlist. And if not, you’re all welcome. Damned if that video doesn’t make me cry like a little baby every time.

Chelles Belles, thanks for the early valentine! Any love story that involves shoop-ing, Saturday Night Live, and a trip to the love shack is one that I can get behind!


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