Completely And Utterly SASSIFIED!

To celebrate DJ Sassybrass’ greatest hits mix, she promised us that she wouldn’t stop until we were sassified! And you know that girl doesn’t break promises! In fact, her mix didn’t stop until I had most likely pulled a muscle in my back from all the strokin’. And that was just the warm up song! Now, I don’t want to make this whole post about strokin’, but…watch this ENTIRE video. You won’t be sorry.

I don’t know about you, but I like to learn something new every day. Things I learned from the Strokin’ video: Strokin’ can be many things- swimming laps, rowing, a claymation monster rubbing itself, or just plain old awkward semi-slow dancing. Most important thing I learned from the Strokin’ video: every single lady at DDPP last night clearly qualifies to be a dancer in that video. Bust out your denim cutoffs, everyone!

But enough about Strokin’. Let’s talk about DJ Sassybrass.

Now that's a sassy face if I've ever seen one!

Sassybrass clearly knows how to shake it, and you’d think she never needed any help in the confidence department, but in her own words: “On this, the night of my 11th “Sassyversary” mix, I just want to say how grateful I am for the Dance Dance Party Party in my life. It has changed my outlook, my inlook, my bond with womenkind, and was so instrumental in my falling in love with myself…and of course, helped me increase the temperature when I’m droppin’ it. ” That’s all we, and every other den mother past and present around the world, have ever wanted and more for all of you fabulous dancin’ ladies! I’m about to get all verklempt up in here! Must…wipe the tears away…and post…playlist…

Now THAT’S a mix full of greatest hits! In the words of one of her friends who was there for the rainstorm of men, among other things, “You mixed a mean mess of madness.” Not only does that sentence hit my soft spot for alliteration, but I could not agree more wholeheartedly. I would like to personally thank DJ Sassybrass for giving me the ab workout that I’m always too lazy to do on my own with all of her sexy, hip-shaking hits. And from what I glimpsed around the room last night, none of you were scurred to shake it either! Unlike this cat, who has also (according to the title of the video) apparently been…sassified?

Either way, I know that in my book…

Did I break the record for number of times "sassified" has been used in a blog post yet?


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