Oh, So you wanna be starting something?!?!?

So a little google search of Orange Cake Mix brought me these images:

Dj Orange Cake Mix's heart is STEREO!Look it's an oompaloompa!

Random…right?!?! Well, let me tell you what is not random…our 1st time dj’s sweet playlist. Dj Orangecakemix had us jumping, j1ving, skipping (yes, skipping), clapping, & all around losing our minds with her tunes.  What a feeling was felt that day!  By the end it was kind of like this:

By the end, all the ladies collapsed on the floor like dominoes…thank you dj because you definitely started something amazing.  Our dj definitely knew how to express herself on her 1st time up to bat (I think she did all for love) & I for one cannot wait to experience her next mix.

Check the playlist here: