Teaching us about the magic of Leap Day.

In case you missed it over there in the right-hand column of the blog, our dear den mother Amy (aka DJ Sex Frosting*) is a school teacher. So whether it’s intentional or not, I think she always has a way of educating us through the songs she puts on her playlists. Whether it’s telling us what was acceptable in the 80’s or when something is, quite frankly, none of our business, or continuing to insist that, really, deep down, we all wish we were gingers like Rupert Grint, this woman has a way of schooling us with her sweet sweet sounds.
And you know, it’s often been said that good things come to those who wait. That old adage seemed particularly true this week when, after nearly five long years, the women of DDPP Chicago FINALLY got to experience their first Leap Day playlist! Now, as fans of the show 30 Rock may know, Leap Day is a magical day for taking chances, for doing things you wouldn’t normally do. I don’t know if that had anything to do with our DJ’s decision to play the Quad City DJs’ “C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)”, but I DO know that what transpired next was nothing short of a Leap Day Miracle: alllll of us womens ridin’ that train around the studio in full effect. It was precisely the kind of goofy, self-consciousness-free fun that we count on DDPP for. I mean, not that these people aren’t having fun, but did no one have the heart to tell them that was a spaceship, not a train, they were riding?
So whether it was teaching us the ways of the world or telling us to forget them all and just hop on that dang train, well done, DJ Sex Frosting. A tip o’ the tiny hat to ye!
*Fun fact: “Sex Frosting” is consistently one of the top Google search terms for the entire DDPP Chicago blog. Every time we post about her, our blog hits skyrocket. Just to try it out, I’m gonna do this: Sex Frosting Sex Frosting Sex Frosting! We Den Mothers would be good to retire now off the ad revenue this post will bring in…if we hosted ads on the site or profited at all from this enterprise (which we don’t). Ah well.

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