Nice day for a….White Wedding!

I knew Sunday was going to be a special day for me, cuz DJ Misfit Toyz was DJ at DDPP!  Well, she has a very special day coming up.  She’s getting married next weekend!

Hopefully there won’t be any motorcycles crashing through stained glass windows!

She explained that her playlist was the story of a relationship:  meeting, falling in love.  Planning the wedding and the marriage, two very different things.  Sometimes it feels great, like Modern Love, sometimes it feels like a Bad Romance.  Sometimes you might see Red Lights.  But then you say, Don’t Stop Me Now, I’m havin’ a good time, I don’t wanna stop at all!

We were all Party Rockin’ and celebrating The Wonder Of It All!  And, coming all the way from Indiana, we had a guest appearance from DJ Tunerkin!

DJ Misfit Toyz, we wish you a lovely wedding full of Beautiful People and a long, happy marriage!  Thank you for another joyous, transcendental playlist!  We will dance with you any time!

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