Our Own Special Brand of Relaxation

I have had what you might call a stressful week- if you’re into understatement, that is. I was so tired and frazzled that I didn’t think I could POSSIBLY dance for an hour on Wednesday night. But it’s kind of my job (which I love!!). So I dragged myself in…and was promptly brought back to life by the DJ stylings of none other than MC Escher. You know what they say…

And get down I did. Get down we ALL did.  I present to you exhibit A:

That’s right, 3 miraculous things happened on Wednesday night preeeetty much all at once. MC Escher graced us with her (black) magical mix, den mother Kelly brought us a giant party ball from Playboy (for free!), and the 5 Hour Energy girls dropped off an assload of free liquid energy for the taking! How could it get any better? Oh, well, the mix could look like this-

MC Escher, how DO  you do it? You continue to hit us with the most mashed-up mashups that not even Girl Talk could ever dream of mashing! You’re like DDPP’s own Lady Talk. (So much more mature, riiiiight?) This master mixer had a certain den mother morphing into all sort of different branches of the animal kingdom- from a cat playing with the flashing lights to her DJ namesake slithering around the studio.  And she made THIS den mother so happy that I may or may not have shed a couple tears of joy. Most people may not consider dancing ’til you’re dizzy as a form of relaxation, but it was just the release I needed this week! And feeling all the vibes of pure happiness radiating from all of you fantastic femmes in attendance, well it was just damn near perfect.  (Damn near because, I mean, I wasn’t also eating Swedish Fish at the same time…)

Basically, what I’m trying to say is…ladies of DDPP, you make my life better. And MC Escher, you sexy nerd you, you made us a mix, and then you let us download it for free! Y’all are simply the best.

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