Dirty Dancing with DJ VulGeraghty

As a DDPP Den Mother, I sometimes feel the added pressure to really keep the party hyped and make sure everyone in the room is having a good time. It’s like being the hostess of a party, or a little bit like in Dirty Dancing when Johnny and Penny come out and do the Mambo at the club, to make sure everyone’s up and dancing.

Today, however, it was me who was trying to keep up with all of you INCREDIBLE gals! I mean, WOW, I was overwhelmed by your enthusiasm, spirit, and freaking amazing moves!!! We were certainly not at the resort anymore, this was full on staff cabin dancing! You all know the scene I’m talking about, but I’ll post it here anyway… watch me now!

I looked around during this song and not a single person looked like they were carrying a watermelon. You know a playlist is good when a newbie “tumbles to the ground” on purpose during I Think We’re Alone Now and we see some sweet Kid ‘n Play footwork during Motownphilly. It was awesome!

Thanks for this fantastic mix DJ VulGeraghty! I…. wait for it…. waaaaaaaait for it…….. had the time of my life!


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