The Dream of the 90’s…

is alive in DDPP, you guys! Thanks to DJ White Castle, we all spent last Wednesday night enjoying a stroll down Memory Lane–addresses 1990 to 1999, to be exact.

Although I think “stroll” is probably a bit too casual a term for what we were doing that night, as our DJ seemed bound and determined to have us heading to the left, to the left, and then to the right, and the right, and then to the front, to the front, the back, the back…you get the idea. She Tootsie Rolled us, you guys! Surely we can make that a new Internet meme at LEAST as popular as, you know, that other one.

But that was hardly the only trick DJ White Castle had up her sleeve. Before 60 minutes were up, she’d made us feel too sexy for our shirts, taught us that the Humpty Dance is something not too dissimilar from a dance-seizure, and ensured that we would all have the Perculator stuck in our head for the next several days. If it takes two to make a thing go right, DJ, I guess we have THESE GUYS to thank for your awesome mix.

Can’t wait to see you do it again real soon!


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