Oh, Internets, how do I begin to explain what happened on Wednesday night? Let’s start with a multiple choice question: Which of the following did NOT make an appearance during DJ U.N.I.T.Y.’s playlist? Was it a) a whisk, b) cherry flavored Jello, c) a superhero’s cape, or d) a straight jacket?

That’s right, Little Girl I’m Using to Represent The Internets in This Example, you SHOULD look confused, because the answer is actually e) NONE OF THE ABOVE!

Our beloved Den Mother Unity was determined to bring the fun on Wednesday, so she decided to bring it with her in the form of a bag of a props. Her “bag of fun,” she called it (because fun bags are something else entirely–yes I went there, sorrynotsorry). The woman we’ve come to count on to turn a wastebasket into a drum or a broom into a dance partner came ready to go with odds and ends to help her act out every song on her playlist. She did prop comedy, people! Just call her DJ Carrot Top!



(Because I definitely did–like five times–when I was hysterical with laughter watching her wave a flashlight around the room or march around like a superhero.)



And her list of props:

#1 Xylophone / #2 Post-it hearts / #3 Ukulele / #4 Bridal Veil & fake microphone / #5 Bowl & Whisk / #6 Friends DVD / #7 Lollipop / #8 Tutu / #9 Dice / #10 Board game LIFE / #11 Flashlight / #12 White shirt to act as straight jacket / #13 Jell-O / #14 Pom Poms / #15 Red cape & Wonder Woman doll


Unity, you ALWAYS bring the fun to DDPP, but if your goal was to make us dance just that much crazier, sweat that much harder and smile that much brighter, you should really give yourself a pat on the back. Here, I’ve even got the designs for a prop to help you with that!




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