Screw Bella…Katniss 4 EVA!



Come on let’s face the facts, if Bella Swan was selected for the Hunger Games…she’d be the 1st to go (you know that’s right).  When our new dj (what up dj LONESTAR!) said a little something about her mix…it went a little like this: “this is my playlist if Katniss was my girlfriend”.  Trust me it was a veritable love letter to one miss Katniss Everdeen.  From the beginning to the end to was beat after beat of declaring LoneStar’s undying love for one badass heroine and who can blame our dj?!?!  Cause check out the Girl on Fire…Oh & you want to talk about girls on fire?!?!?  It was like Bikram DDPP in the studio for this session (I don’t think I have ever sweat that much in my life–YOWZA!).  As we moved, shaked, jumped, jived & danced our butts off we generated so much heat that I am SHOCKED that the smoke detectors did not go off…thank you dj LoneStar.  Never before in DDPP history has literature & music been so perfectly blended…I mean every song harkened to Katniss & the Hunger Games–pure awesomeness.  Don’t believe me…check it here:

Now just for fun, try singing the Rihanna song this way:

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