You can’t stop the dancing…YOU JUST CAN’T!

First off, you ladies are amazing—simply & utterly amazing.  You will not let some minor electrical hiccups stop your need to move it, shake it & drop it.  It was amazing to see you all pitch in & sing the lyrics to a song while we den mothers tried to figure what was happening to the sound….thanks!  I bow down to your awesomeness…

Dj Amazing grace treated us to an evening of non-stop dance action…well, ok we had to stop a little to deal with the equipment, but otherwise it was non-stop.  Our lady up to bat says she likes to dabble in djing & that is her hobby…well, LIES I say…LIES!  She not only dabbles in it…she is great at it.  Dj Amazing Grace…indeed!

Don’t believe me?  Check the playlist here:

1. Im into you                                     Jennifer Lopez

2. Heartbeat                                       Childish Gambino

3. Someone Like You                      Adele ( remixed )

4.Proper Education                         Pink Floyd ( remixed)

5.Kryptonite                                       Three Doors Down

6.Closer                                                 Neyo

7.Loca People                                   Sak Noel

8.El Trago                                             2 in a Room

9. Schiebe                                           Lady Gaga

10. Shake it up                                    Selena Gomez

11.You make me feel good          Cobra Starship

12.Idealistic                                         Digitalism

13.Pause                                               Pit Bull

14. When I grow up                          Pussy Cat Dolls

15.Till the world ends                      Britney Spears

16. Like a Star                                     Corrine Ray Bailey


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