Less Than 4 Minutes to Save the World

I gotta say, DDPP-verse, I’ve really been loving the things that DJs have to say about their playlists lately. Wednesday night, when we asked our illustrious DJ OrangeCakeMix if she had any words for us, she made sure to let us know every single song was no longer than 4 minutes. (She also added that if we didn’t like a song, we wouldn’t have to endure it for long, but…come on. Let’s be real. I was wishing most of those songs were LONGER!)

DJ OrangeCakeMix was personally taking my brain and my body to all of my musical happy places…Beck…90’s Michael Jackson…THE VERONICA MARS THEME SONG!

Heaven really IS a place on Earth. And its name is DDPP.  But it didn’t stop there!! I can’t even begin to tell you how long I’ve been waiting for someone, anyone, to play Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” again so I could hit you all with these 2 nuggets of goodness. Exhibit A:

Aaaaaaaand Exhibit B.

I think we all know the lessons that we learned on Wednesday night.

1. DJ OrangeCakeMix puts together one hell of a playlist. (Even little girls dressed in sparkly neon clothes approve!)

2.  Veronica Mars never should have ended when it did. RIP.

3.. Hallo? HALLO? You must learn to love again!!! (AKA The Hairpin is hilarious.)

4. Seriously. DJ OrangeCakeMix puts together one hell of a playlist.

Thanks for the killer tunes!


One thought on “Less Than 4 Minutes to Save the World

  1. “Who is this? Why is your voice so high-pitched? Is this an elf?”

    Day in, day out, The Hairpin delights me. And so does Taran Killam. And so did those awesome pre-teen girls who nudged us aside to more properly view their dance moves in the mirror. And so did DJ Orange Cake Mix for making me scream in delight multiple times on Wednesday night. Also, you didn’t even mention how that Dolly Parton song was like the exemplar of everything that is amazing about Dolly Parton. SO GOOD.

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