RuPaul speaks the TRUTH.

As a general rule, we den mothers try to leave our problems at the dance studio door. We know y’all don’t need to hear about how that person at work is driving us up a wall or how traffic was suuuuuuper annoying that afternoon. And normally that’s pretty easy, because we love explaining DDPP to newbies or chatting with the regulars while we take your cash and punch your frequent dancer cards. So I hope you’ll indulge me for a second when I confess that over the past few weeks, I’ve had a harder time of it. I’m going through Rather A Rough Patch™ in my personal life and it’s been a struggle to plaster on my usual DDPP smile and dance my usual goofy dance moves.

So on Wednesday night when DJ Careless introduced her playlist, I was still bracing myself to try to survive 60 minutes of no judgment of myself or others. Imagine my relief and surprise, then, when our DJ cited the closing words of RuPaul’s Drag Race as her inspiration. What, you don’t know them already? Well here you go:

Can I get an amen in here?!? That’s right, DJ Careless devoted her entire playlist to songs that had that “be okay with who and where you are, right now” vibe. She might as well have hung some of these posters up around the room:

It was sixty minutes of daily affirmations bookended by the classy crooning of Ms. Nina Simone. In between we had time to shake our tambourines, remember what makes us beautiful, and clarify that we want exactly NO scrubs in our lives, thankyouverymuch. It was inspiring and energizing and one of the first times I’ve felt normal in weeks.

DJ Careless told us that, while leaving her apartment on the way to her first ever DDPP, she asked her husband and dog to applaud her bravery for trying something new all by herself. I think her exact words to them were: “I think the apartment needs to applaud me.” I know sooooo many of us have similar stories about how apprehensive we were the first time we walked in that creaky back door off of Belle Plaine. So I just want to publicly applaud DJ Careless for trying something new and for sticking with it. And for making a playlist that reminded me of the healing powers of music and dancing.

So I think one more affirmation poster is in order. Hey, DJ Careless?



One thought on “RuPaul speaks the TRUTH.

  1. Seeing that playlist and knowing that I missed it makes me want to punch myself in the face. RuPaul 4 eva!!!

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