Bird is the Word…

….And the word is HALF GAY!

We had an amazing class on Wednesday DJ’ed by one of our veteran DDPP’ers DJ AWOL!


She warned us that her mix was “a little gay” and we were happier than a rainbow on a beautiful day during GAY PRIDE MONTH to dance our fairy asses off!


A generous dose of realness was required in that hot-as-an-oven studio as we flitted and flopped to some serious power jams. Who needs A/C when you have a room full of lovely revelers committed to working out all of the stresses of the day with 14 of their friends?

I couldn’t help but think of the annoying yet catchy Family Guy spoof of “Bird is the Word” where our favorite deadbead Dad obsesses over this song in his own chubby way:

Here is the playlist, y’all!




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