Happy birthday to us!

Ladies, ladies, ladies…where do I begin such an epic post as this one? On Sunday, June 10th, DDPP Chicago celebrated our 5th birthday party like any other normal 5 year old- with uninhibited dancing, pointy party hats, cake, pizza, and beer. What? You  guys didn’t drink craft beer at YOUR 5th birthday party? ANyway…I’m sure that many of you reading this here blog feel the same way as I do- how to put into words the impact that DDPP has had  on countless women’s lives? I say we let some of the pictures from that day speak for themselves:

And what we somehow unfortunately DIDN’T capture on film was that not only were all the current den mothers in attendance for the celebration, but the originators of  DDPP Chicago, its true den mamas, the ones that gave birth to the magic- The Jenns were also in attendance! It was truly a family affair. Not only did we decide to give everyone that showed up a little birthday gift of our own by making that day free for everyone, we were also ALL treated to the first-ever 90 minute DDPP Chicago playlist! Much like DDPP itself, this playlist from 2007 proved itself to be truly timeless:

Here’s to exactly what the cake said so eloquently: 5 years of no judgement, no boys, no booze…booty shaking, hand clapping,  foot stomping dance goodness!

I mean, you know you’ve had an effect on the world when someone writes a mediocre song about you (and posts an even MORE mediocre “video” onYouTube to accompany it)!

Yes, DDPP Chicago has made an indelible mark on all of us- Jenns, thank you for being the crazy-ass visionaries that you are. Because you live, we danced.


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