How hot WAS it?!?!

In her intro last Wednesday night, DJ Lonestar clarified that she had actually ramped DOWN the intensity of her mix for fear that otherwise she’d give us all heat stroke. To which I must respond,

Let me back up. Believe you me, there was probably no one in that studio happier than I was to realize that the air conditioner was working like a charm that night. The last couple of DDPP’s I’d felt more like this little guy:

Out of her concern for all of us, then, DJ Lonestar reassured the crowd of eleven excited ladies that she’d dubbed this her “Hot as Balls Mix,” designed with a couple of extra mid-tempo numbers to keep us from going TOO crazy and injuring ourselves. At the risk of repeating myself…

DJ Lonestar, if this is your idea of being easy on us, I am downright scurred of what you’ll get up to when autumn and winter come around! To quote den mother DJ Sex Frosting, who was absent that night, “I literally wanted to punch! myself! in the FACE! when I saw what I missed dancing to.” We’re glad Amy didn’t have to resort to violence, but I can understand the inclination, as this mix had folks tearing around the room with reckless abandon mere minutes in. I would like to offer my own personal thanks for the James song (the NINETIES!!!!) and for our DJ’s courage in bringing those wonderful freaky weirdos Animal Collective back to the DDPP studio. I’d missed watching people figure out how to dance to their trippy tunes, I honestly had. But finally, and perhaps most importantly, DAMN, did this lady find some hot remixes and mashups for her playlist! Don’t believe me? Look for YOSELF:


We’ll consider ourselves warned, DJ Lonestar, for when the weather starts to turn and you hopefully greet us with another one of your scorchin’ hot mixes!

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