Calling your inner 13 year old…come out & play!

Many of you who have been to DDPP before know that sometimes you just gotta let your inner 13 year old out….she needs to PLAY!  You know, the one who puts her hair in a pigtail, grabs a brush, puts on her favorite pj’s and sings/dances her little heart when her favorite song comes on the radio.  It is kind of like this:

Or this:

Or more like this…which by the way is one of the best videos on the interwebs ever.  If you don’t think so, you might actually be dead inside (just saying!). 

Plus, listen to what Happiness says about dancing…it is so true!  Trust me when I say dj Sassybrass took me & the other ladies to that 13 yr old place.  She beckon our inner chica out & begged us to come play with her ever so fantastic mix.  She tried to play it off by saying she just didn’t have it all together & she had to rush to put the playlist together.  PASHAW!  It was killer as my legs and lungs can attest to.   I sang & danced my heart out and let the inner teenager out to play.  Sassybrass had us dancing, shouting, telling us we were beautiful, reminding us that we are STRONG and of course asking us to call her maybe (digits please!).  Check for yourself & see if your inner 13 year yearns to come & play:

Knock, Knock…is your inner 13 year old there?



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