Ready to form: PopTron!

If you put all of the artists on DJ Morganzola’s playlist together at once, they would form some sort of PopVoltron.  A RustedJepsenScissorPitbullKe$haBeyonceCubeCareyGirlDarknessNickiGagaIglesiasWilsonTRON™. We’ll just call it a PopTron™ for short.

DJ Morganzola formed this PopTron™ to save the world through dance. And if our sweaty faces were any indication that Sunday, it worked! Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, the playlist was RELENTLESS, but we made it out alive. You’re welcome, world!

Thankfully she rewarded us with Hold On by Wilson Phillips as the cool down song, so we could all stretch out and remember how great Bridesmaids is. Seriously. That movie is great.

Some day somebody’s gonna make ya wanna turn around and say goodby-y-ye…

Thanks Morganzola!



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