Who you callin’ middle aged?!?

I admit it.  I’m a middle aged lady.  That’s right.  While I don’t hide my age, I try not to behave like this:

Being a middle aged lady, sometimes I have to modify my activities, like dance moves or exercises.  I don’t remember the last time I took an aerobics class, but you don’t want me to get hurt, do you?

You know what, DJ MC Escher’s mix had me feelin’ young all over again!  I was jumping around that studio, boy howdy!  All the ladies were gettin’ down with MC Escher’s DJ style mix!  There was something for everyone!  As Ed Sullivan used to say, she had something for you youngsters out there too.  (Good God, how old am I?)  Here’s a song about using the Interweb machine:

And then there was the Last Fast Song, announced by the roboty mechanical DJ voice baked right into the mix.  I heard the opening chords of “My Generation” by The Who.  Hey, they ARE my generation!  Then the song merged with Green Day!   Hey, I remember the 90’s too!  (Note:  After I published this, I looked up “American Idiot;” it came out in 2004.  I guess I remember some of the 2000’s too.)  It sounded like this.  (It has some four letter words, so it’s NSFW, just sayin’.)

Thank you, DJ MC Escher, for making this Middle Aged Lady Den Mother feel like a kid again!

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