Ah, summer vacation!

I remember summer vacations when I was a kid.  No school, sleeping in, riding my bike.  DJ Chelles Belles took us all on a summer vacation, to all the places she wanted to go to this summer.

One of my favorite things to do during summer vacation was watch cartoons.  Here’s a cartoon about Istanbul (not Constantinople).

I could stay up late and watch TV.  One of my favorite shows was “The Midnight Special,” with live performances from rock and pop bands.  Remember, I was in school WAY before MTV.  Here we have Ike and Tina Turner rollin’ us down the river.

Later, in college, I discovered things like photography, music videos and Japanese food.  Wouldn’t it be cool to go to Japan on summer vacation?

Unfortunately, I didn’t go to any of those places this year.  I didn’t even take a summer vacation.  I take little one hour vacations at Dance Dance Party Party!  DJ Chelles Belles took us away from our mundane lives and plunged us into the best, most rockin’ summer vacation ever!  We went to China, New York, Paris, Waterloo, Mars and all over the world!  Thank you, DJ Chelles Belles!


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