It Takes Two Butts To Make It Deluxe

This Wednesday was as bangin’ as they get!  A two-woman-ass-shakin’-playlist-making team appropriately called DJ Buttsy Deluxe rocked our socks off!  If you lived your formative years in the early 90s you were right at home with the old school jams that you may or may not have wanted to forget.  Are you searching for a Real Love?  Is this the Rhythm of the Night?  …oh yeah?  This mix put me right back to the middle school dances when I was so confused that only Mark Martin – the awkward towhead nerd – wanted to slow dance with me.  I mean, I was wearing the latest style – boxer shorts, an over sized white T shirt with the sleeves rolled up and Umbro indoor soccer shoes!  Not to mention my Coke bottle glasses and awesome braces!  Screw the slow dances (sorry Mark Martin), let’s get back to the incredible music and slick dance moves displayed this week when DJ Buttsy Deluxe blew us away with their unbelievable Spotify playlist.

A key figure of any nostalgic jam-filled donut of a mix MUST include the effervescent Chaka Khan!

Talk about coveted dance moves!!  She is the real deal.

This mix turned us upside down and inside out.  We had more dancers than we have had in a long time and I know they left sweaty and happy!  Thank you Buttsy Deluxe for your collaborative flashback mix of some super memorable dance jams.  I don’t know about you, but MY butt was feeling DEEEELUXE.

(click on the image to view the playlist clearer)


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