A playlist to make Clay Davis proud.

Forgive us for getting a bit behind on the blogs, ladies, PARTICULARLY when it causes us to delay filling you in on mixes as hot as the one DJ Hot Dish, uh, dished out earlier this month. In honor of her birthday, she managed to corral a whole MESS o’ women into the studio to celebrate. It kinda looked like this, but, you know, older:


In her introduction, our DJ exclaimed that this was her “Oh shit!” mix–as in, a bunch of songs that make her exclaim with joy whenever she hears them (played at DDPP or otherwise).

For those of you who haven’t scheduled your multi-season DVD binge of the Wire, allow me to introduce you to State Senator Clay Davis, the man who officially OWNED the word “shit”…that is, until DJ Hot Dish arrived:

Are you going to try to tell me you’re going to say that word any other way from now on? I didn’t think so! Because believe me when I tell you that the women in the studio that night had many occasions to express themselves with a bit of a potty mouth. How can I count the ways? Well, busting out “Don’t Stop Me Now” at the start of a mix is clearly one of them. But then our DJ continued her auditory attack with multiple amazing mashups, singalongs, and an ode to women’s bodies courtesy of 30 Rock. Yeah, you know the one:

Sheeeeeeeit, DJ Hot Dish. NICELY DONE!

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