8 languages & 1 is made up…SAY WHAT?!?!?

First time dj…Chibi Squid started out the night with that comment.  Her playlist was made up of 8 different language & one was for sure made up.  We were all like…say what?!?!SAY WHAT?  MIND BLOWN!

She blew our minds with that statement & once we recovered…we were ready for our international dance off.  It was like DDPP on the Rosetta Stone.


We danced and grooved to songs we may not have known the words to, but you could see all the smiling faces of everyone from across the room.  Just adding truth to the fact that dance does transcend all cultures & languages (possibly even CAT).


Now, not only did Chibi Squid bring the international flavor, she also dropped some R&B on us with a little “No Diggity” by Blackstreet…just cause she likes the way we work it. This little gem was found on the interwebs:

There was no need to translate what Chibi Squid was trying to “say” to us with this mix…it was simply this:  Get off your asses & dance!  I have to give up to a dj who can challenge us & show us that dance/music is so much bigger than our little world.   Check the playlist here:



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