DJ Lady KStud: Worth Her Weight In Gold

I know it’s been a few weeks since the Olympics ended, but you guys…how great are the summer Olympics? I’ve still got them on the brain. Speed Walking! Rhythmic Gymnastics! Synchronized Swimming!!! (What…those aren’t your favorite events?) But the thing I really love most about the Olympics is that all those athletes make the craziest things look effortless.

What I’m trying to say here is…if there was a gold medal for DDPP playlist making, DJ Lady KStud would win it! She bounced into the studio last Sunday afternoon extra pumped for the playlist that she had made…an hour beforehand?!  Color me jealous. I start my playlists months before my actual  DJ date, and then spend waaaay too much time agonizing over song choice, placement, etc. But not Lady KStud. That girl’s a pro. She makes it look easy. She’s all like “What? This old playlist? I just threw it together. AND IT RULES.”

DJ Lady KStud’s sweet beats cut through us like a hot knife. She had us sweating like whoa– there was no doubt that our studio was where the party was at (oh oh oh oh)! After that hour, I do believe in magic. There was no WAY that playlist could have been perfected in such a short time! KStud, you’re like…like…more badass than a synchronized swimmer in a wolf costume spitting water.

And that’s about as badass as it gets.

Now not only was this DJ Lady KStud’s 15th playlist, but it was also in celebration of her 31st birthday! Her and I go way back, so I know that what she would really love most on her birthday is to give a gift to all of YOU, our lovely loyal readers and dancers. So without further ado, I leave you with the cutest video you will ever see (that doesn’t involve baby animals, obvs).  Happy birthday, DJ Lady KStud. And happy earworm to us all…


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